If you’re having issues with your antenna, it may lead you to wonder how they function and if it’s possible to fix it yourself. Basically, your antenna picks up radio waves (either very high frequency, or ultra high frequency depending on your location) from a local TV tower, then converts them so your TV’s tuner can interpret the signal.

A more in-depth explanation may seem complex, but thankfully the experts in antenna repair are here to help. Often, the solution is fairly simple, but diagnosing the problem can be tricky.

Why your antenna might not be working

One of the most important things when it comes to reception is having your antenna point in the right direction. In Southeast Queensland, our unpredictable weather can sometimes disrupt this, as storms and hail may knock your antenna out of alignment. Another common culprit is faulty connections, either caused by age or dampness seeping in amongst the cables.

Both problems may seem like an easy fix, but it’s not recommended to attempt this yourself. When it comes to repositioning, loose tiles and other hazards could make it dangerous to scale a roof, so it’s always best to hire someone insured against injury. The same goes for handling electrical systems, as your safety is well worth the cost of a repairman.

Who to call for advice

For insured, qualified and highly-experienced experts across the Gold Coast, Home Style Antennas are the company to call. We turn up when we say we will, and save you time and energy by identifying problems fast. Our expertise means we can answer any questions you may have.

Along with antenna repairs, we also do new installations for residential and commercial properties, digital antenna services, and even TV wall mounting. So for any inquiries about your antenna, call us today on 0431 270 270 and get a 10% quote beat guarantee!