Antenna Types for Coomera Homes

Antenna Types for Coomera Homes

One of the many benefits to living in Coomera is that many homes are relatively new which means residents shouldn’t have too many issues with old or damaged wall plates and leads from the wall plate to the antenna. However, there are also some townhouses and complexes being built which can affect the antenna signal for those residents.

Signal issues can be caused by the antenna either being old or damaged and needing replacing or through the wrong placement on the roof which breaks the line of sight with the broadcast tower.

How to Know if you have the Best Antenna Type for Your Coomera Home

It is as simple as calling us here at Home Style Antennas. We can take a look at the antenna set up on your home and can advise if you have the best antenna type for Coomera homes and your usage requirements, or if you may need to upgrade either your antenna or add in a signal booster

If you are having signal issues and it looks to be your antenna we will look at a couple of areas before suggesting a fix. The main areas we will look at to see if you have the right antenna for your home includes:

  • Where in Coomera you live and whether there is anything breaking the line of sight to the broadcast tower
  • Your current equipment and whether it is up to scratch
  • If your antenna is installed correctly and pointing at the broadcast tower (antennas can move in high winds)
  • Whether there are any maintenance issues
  • How many televisions you are running in your home
  • In the case of duplexes and complexes, we will look at how many units are using the one antenna

Will an Amplifier Help My Signal Issues?

An amplifier may well help your signal issues in Coomera but we don’t recommend installing one without speaking to a professional first. Installing the wrong amplifier may make your signal worse, and if you share an antenna with other homes, like in a complex or duplex, you could make their signal worse as well.

Whether an amplifier will help fix your signal issues may depend on:

  • The channels you require
  • The strength of the signal required
  • Any existing reception problems in the suburb
  • Any plans to connect more than one television to the antenna.

If you’re having signal issues in Coomera, call Home Style Antennas today. We can help ensure you get the best antenna types for Coomera homes.

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