You’ve just sat down to relax and watch your favourite show and discover that you are having TV reception problems. You flick over to another and the reception is still bad. Channel after channel and there is no change. It was perfect before you left for work this morning so what happened?

TV reception issues can often be resolved by checking and maintaining your TV services, channels and antenna system, or even by installing a new TV antenna. If there are no issues with the hardware, then it could be an issue with your internet connection that is causing the problems.

There are some common TV reception problems that most people will face from time to time and usually, they are quite easy to fix. We’ve put together a list of some of the more common issues we’ve discovered.

Digital TV Reception Quality

Deterioration of the antenna cable

This is a really common problem when it comes to TV antenna reception, and can be either inside or outside the home. If outside, it is often caused by the jacket of the cable wearing away allowing water, dust and other contaminants to degrade the quality of the signal. Is your signal worse during rainy periods? If so, this is a likely cause.

Antenna Outlet Issues

Another issue we see regularly is that the actual outlet that you plug your television antenna cable into has become loose or is broken. If your home is only new, there is also a chance that the antenna outlet may not have been connected to the external antenna cable correctly.

Broken Fly Leads

One of the easiest problems to fix is a broken fly lead. This is the lead that you use to connect your television to your antenna outlet. Issues generally tend to develop near the plug fitting on either the television or the antenna outlet, as over time, the leads will get bumped, bent and broken. You can test this quite easily if you have another fly lead that you know works.

Other issues that regularly cause TV reception problems is a broken or degraded antenna or an antenna that has changed direction, usually in storms and periods of wind.

If you have checked for loose cables or broken fly leads and still can’t get your reception back, give Home Style Antennas a call. We’ll run a series of tests and check all your cables and your antenna and get you back to watching your favourite shows or sport quickly. Whether you own a Digital TV, Smart TV, Cable TV, Sling TV or Set-Top Box – we are here to help you with your reception issue – so you can watch TV with the pleasure of a reliable, clear signal.