Bad reception is a terrible situation. Without entertainment, life can be pretty boring. When you want to watch your favourite show, nothing is more annoying than poor reception. We look at 5 indicators that it might be time to repair your antenna. 

Do a thorough inspection of your antenna:

Performing a physical examination of the antenna might solve your issues. There is a chance it might be facing the wrong direction, or some physical damage has taken place. If the former is the case, it may be a simple case of adjusting and pointing in the right direction.

Check the cords and cables:

Verify that the cords and cables are well connected. If the cables are not connected properly, there is a chance the reception will be poor. Ensure that the cables are plugged in properly and are secured. Sometimes your cables may get damaged through pests or simply due to being too old. If something looks wrong with your antenna cords and cables, or they have been damaged through pests, call an antenna technician to replace and get you on your way.

Check your external environment:

Have new structures been constructed around your local area? This can be a reason for bad reception. New buildings, houses, and other signals might interrupt the signals to your antenna and cause problems. Consider checking for these obstructions. An upgrade or readjustment can solve such problems.

Check your television:

Make sure that the television is working properly, and the settings are inputted correctly. Check if the input is proper between the TV and the antenna connector, which you can do by connecting it to a second TV. Also, make sure that the TV is not on HDMI mode (we’ve all done it!).

Verify if the Amplifier is working properly:

If your signal is poor, the issue is most likely with your amplifier. The amplifier might not be receiving power properly. If this is the case, you might have to repair or replace the amplifier.

These are five of the most common indicators that your antenna needs repairing or replacing. We understand that a broken antenna is frustrating so we work with you to attend and repair or replace as quickly as possible.

If your TV signal is poor or you feel your antenna is no longer working correctly, give us a call. Our friendly team can inspect and repair or replace, often on the same day.